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One on One Sessions

Personalized Therapy to Improve Your Riding

Personalized Care

For those who seek more guidance in their body work and riding integration, Allie Baier takes you step by step through her care at a frequency that works best for you. Start each session out with hands-on care, load your body with new mobility and flexibility, then finally apply those gains into your riding. Having physical therapy care ahead of riding allows riders to form concrete and long-lasting changes to their riding ability.


Motion Analysis

allie marker setup 4.JPG

Concrete your learning with rich visuals from photo and video assessment during your ride. Marker systems and a Visualize Jacket allow for assessment of both horse and rider movement & symmetry. 


"She has been able to address issues I've had for many years that doctors and other therapists haven't been able to. The knowledge she has is beyond anything I would have even imagined not only  with PT but with riding. "


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