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There is nothing quite like the movement of the horse, and the harmony you can create when a rider communicates clearly. 

Dr Allie Baier, PT, DPT, CMT

   Allie Baier earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy from UW-Milwaukee and treats orthopedic patients of all ages and abilities. She believes that the therapy experience should be a partnership between the therapist and patient to reach the patient's goals. Physical therapists are best described as movement specialists; trained to watch all types of movement, identify asymmetries or poor movement strategies, and coach individuals to move properly again.

Allie’s style of care uses hands-on techniques and movement to uncover improper patterns. The key is to tap into the correct patterns that have been in a person’s brain ever since early development.  Once normal movement habits are restored, it doesn’t take doing daily exercises to keep those gains, they come automatically! 


   Allie Baier combines two passions into one experience for equestrians looking to gain a new perspective on their own athleticism. Long before becoming a Physical Therapist, Allie was developing partnerships with horses as a rider herself. She has worked as a horseback riding instructor, clinician, and United States Pony Club Examiner.  To Allie, education and clear communication are the foundation of both riding instruction and physical therapy. Her calm, positive, and open-minded approach helps horses and riders who struggle with fear, frustration, and lack of body-awareness. She is also able to assist riders who have been out of the sport and are now returning. Allie is here to help you every step and stride of the way! 

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