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Clinic Series


 Mounted Clinic Series


 Host this single or multiple day clinic at your facility for equestrian athletes looking for a new perspective on the physicality of being a horseback rider. Choose from the current themes of The Seat, The Lower Body, The Upper Body, or The Mind.


 Each private 1 hour lesson begins with a detailed musculoskeletal screen of the rider’s natural posture and movement patterns off the horse. From there, recommendations and improvements to the rider’s symmetry will be translated immediately to active riding for the remainder of the lesson. The clinic also supplements all participants with a group workshop on the biomechanics most relevant to riding.


  • $170/rider: 1 hour lesson & 1 hour workshop

  • Digital photo/video rider assessments ($50)

  • Clinic daily min of 4 riders, max of 8 riders

 Travel Fees apply outside of  Milwaukee Co & Ozaukee Co, WI 


The Seat

This clinic is where it all begins- the "lumbopelvic region". The low back and pelvis pair together with the muscles of the core and hip to anchor all upper and lower body movements. This clinic develops the stability to master an independent seat and  communicate with the horse in symmetry.


The Upper Body

Once the foundational work of the seat is established, this clinic works to erase the modern day postural stiffness we often bring to our riding. Gain mobility of the ribcage for relaxed breathing, reduce neck and shoulder tension for clear hand aides, and create a topline posture in yourself for your horse to build off of.


The Lower Body

This clinic theme takes the powerful role of the leg and brings in stability and shock absorption for increased agility in jumping, softer and more accurate communication for lateral work, and assists riders in self-care of the hip, knee and ankle to reduce future injury. 


The Mind

The first three clinics have been using your mind to control and correct body movement. This clinic dives into the ability of the rider to control their overall focus, disposition, and emotional energy as they ride. Learn where your body holds the tension coming from your mind and techniques to assist yourself to relax and foster a true connection with your horse. This harmony of horse and rider is what it's all about!


Mequon, WI


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