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Unmounted Workshops

Unmounted Fitness and Exercise for Equestrians



Explore & Focus Your Movement

Take time out of the saddle to explore the muscles and joints that produce our equestrian athleticism. Experience how the brain controls key riding muscles through stretching, strengthening, and muscle relearning. Participants focus on their bodies without the distraction of the horse. This two hour training session involves active participation as riders increase their fitness and further their riding vocabulary.

  • All training equipment is provided for the participants to use during the sessions

  • Capacity is determined by the hosting space (max 20) or can be done Virtually

  • $300/group session for a 2 hour workshop

"I have had several PT episodes over the past thirty years. Allie stands out as the best therapist by far. I love how she provides education. She comments on my form as I exercise and provides tips on how to improve. Her comments have a positive effect on my motivation. Most of all, under her direction, I’ve never had such positive results"


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