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 Physical Therapy Services

Comprehensive Care That Travels to You

Let the Therapist Come to You

What better place to recover than the actual environment you live in. Restoring function in a convenient, private, and real-life environment is where EquiPT sets itself apart! Dr. Allie Baier’s care at your home allows for ease of access with less juggling of your schedule. EquiPT home therapy arms you with practical solutions to return to a peaceful home, productive work, and find joy in your life’s movements again! 

Navigating the System

Sometimes we don’t know where to start when we have pain. Wisconsin is a direct access state-meaning access to a movement specialist  trained in muscle, joint, nerve and connective tissue injuries is available without referral from a Physician. Dr. Allie Baier can diagnose the source of your pain and develop a treatment plan that fits your goals. She knows when to refer and connect you with a wide web of support from orthopedic care, imaging, to complimentary medicine experts in the greater Milwaukee area. 

Take Control of Your Health 

When pain or injury occurs, it takes control of your daily movements. That is hard to deny.Yet many people put off the usage of healthcare for their aches and pains. Why?

Commonly we deny the impact an injury has on our mood & energy. It risks our sources of joy such as hobbies and athletic participation.  Too often this places you in a “let’s just see if it’s gets better on its own” mindset or increase the usage of pain-relievers.


EquiPT’s Home Physical Therapy services are here to help you

in these changing times amidst an injury. 

Inquire About Care
No Referral Needed

Make Physical Therapy your first step in management of muscle, joint, and connective tissue distress.

HSA and FSA Eligible

Efficient care that collaborates with your medical team for faster recovery and less expense.

Discount Packages

Pricing that fits your needs, without the insurance barriers, limits, and authorization wait times.

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